Private Practice in Ayurveda,Ayurveda Consultant

Private Practice in Ayurveda,Ayurveda Consultant

Private Practice

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Legal Aspects:

  • Medical Profession comes under Section 44a and Rule 6F
  • Should have registration of state Ayurvedic board, Get it renewed as per the rule of the State Board.( After every 5 years or so)
  • Register Under Shops and Establishment Act
  • Apply for a PAN Card
  • Maintain Daily Case Register as per form 3c with date, patients name, nature of services given, fees received etc.
  • Union Bank Of India offers Union Health Loans for setting up clinic
  • Get Audit of account books done every year

  • Required Infrastructure:

  • Space: Minimum 140 sq. Ft.,Optimal 220 sq.ft.
  • Staff: Compounder, Attendant, Sweeper
  • Furniture: Writing table, doctor's chair,examination table,library cabinet,computer.Chairs for waiting room.Shelves or racks for medicines.
  • Instruments and equipments: Sthethoscope,Sphygnomanometer,Hammer,weighing machine,Gloves,Sutures,Needles,bandage,Cotton,Sponge,torch,thermometer, Scalpel,scissors,Iv stand,Blades,Kidney tray,Tounge depressor,measurement tape,Wash basin,disinfectants,Soap,Napkin,Height meter,Enema pot,Enema syringe, Instrument trolley,Speculum,vaginal wall retractor,IV transfusion set.etc.
  • Stationary: Letter head (with the name,registration number and contact number etc. information about the doctor),referral slips,Stamp,stamp pad,Stapler,stapler pins, punching machines,pens, pencil,marker,stock register,patient record register,receipt book etc.
  • Medicines: The doctor if dispensing from own clinic should keep the simple medicines in the dispensing room with proper labelling of name,date of manufacturing,date of expiry etc. in air tight containers.
  • Others: Display board (Electrical,simple),Pamplets,Books,Magzines,Some informative charts,telephone,Drinking water facility,toilet.

  • List of Ayurvedic medicines for Clinic:

  • Churna(Powder):Guduchi Churna,Triphala churna,Trikatu churn,Sitopaladi churna,Sudarshan churna,Rasayan churna,Shatavari churna,Ashwagandha churna, Pushyanug Churna,Panchsakaar churna,Talishadi churna,Hingvashtak churna,Nagkesar churna,Gokshur churna.
  • Vati(Tablets):Lavangadi vati,Khadiradi vati,Kutaj ghan vati,Manjhisthadi vati,Yograj guggulu,Kaisore guggulu,Kanchanar guggulu,Aarogyavardhini vati, Tribhuvankirti rasa.
  • Leha(Paste):Chavanprashaveleha,Vasavaleha,KWATH(Decoction),Dashmool kwath,Bharangyadi Kwath,Rasnadi Kwath,Rasnasaptak Kwath,Mahamanjhisthadi Kwath, Pathyadi Kwath,Punarnavadi.
  • Others:Dashang Lepa,Mahanarayana Tail,Erand Taila,Sarjaras malham,Chandanbalalakshadi taila,Anu taila,Nilgiri tail.


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